“I believe my work is like a fresh breath of air in the contemporary art world. Not Bound with the boundaries that are created. I like to experiment and explore. That is the key to the beauty of my art. I have developed a very unique style of painting and I like to call it ‘Line-ism’, where I paint my subjects in lines, horizontal, vertical or concentric. This are intermingled with use of colours, monochromes and metallic.”

Born to an Indian Naval officer and a school teacher Srushti was raised in a rather disciplined household. As a child,she was always attracted to the beauty of colours. Her parents bought her several colouring books and pen sets through her growing up years. She would spend days at end romancing these books with colours. And that was the beginning of her beautiful journey called Art.

At school, Srushti would love the art period and more than often it was the ‘art’ homework that was always completed. In high-school, she often end up completing the drawings of her classmates’s biology journal,these drawings fascinated her no end. For Srushti it was better drawing than reading the biology lessons. And maybe this worked as the antecedent of human anatomy that shaped her art career.

Srushti went to college at the School of Fine Arts (SOFA) at Indore Professional Studies Academy (IPS Academy) in Indore, Madhya Pradesh India and went on to graduate in Fine Arts specializing in Paintings and attained a degree from the reputed Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya (IKSVV), Khairagar, India.

The world of colours, brushes, canvases captivate SRUSHTI. Her paintings are a reflection of her thoughts, of topics and subjects that touch her heart. Her paintings are based on a figure, an idea, an object, an imagination or just a hope for a better world.

You are welcome to share this beautiful odyssey of Srushti’s Art. As you browse through this site and the pages, you will peek into some of the most alluring interplay of thought, colours and forms.

In addition to painting, dance is one of Srushti’s passions. A trained dancer in Indian classical form of Kathak. Srushti has also learnt some western ballroom forms like salsa, jive, waltz and bachata.

Srushti is an adventure enthusiast and indulges in treking on weekends. She says, “I may not have conquered the highest peaks, but the smaller ones keep me engaged and there are still many I need to set foot on.”